Road Supervisor:  Bill Allen

101 N. Jefferson, Room 206
Mexico, MO  65265
Phone:  573-473-5895

Office Hours:  M-F 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM

Form to Report a Road or Bridge Problem

Bridge Department

The Audrain County Bridge Department is responsible for bridge replacement and maintenance on all county bridges. County bridges are replaced according to a five year plan developed when the Bridge Sales Tax was approved in April 2004. Each year since then our department has worked in different areas of the county.

The 1/2 cent Bridge Sales Tax for bridge replacements was allowed to expire in 2009.  Audrain County is using the remaining funds from this sales tax to replace small bridge structures that do not qualify for Federal funds.

Bridge replacements scheduled for 2014 by Audrain County crews are:

  • BRO – B004(39), Bridge No. 26600221 on the Scattering Fork of the Salt River. ¼ mile north of Mo State Hwy. D on ACR 919. Federal Contract Bridge. Summer of 2014. 
  • Bridge # 3690002 Tributary of West Lick Creek on ACR 488 ½ mile south of the Monroe County Line. Built by Audrain County Bridge Crew. Summer 2014.
  • Bridge #  4310005  Branch of Spencer Creek on ACR 572, ¼ mile west of Mo. State Hwy. P  Built by Audrain County Bridge Crew. Summer 2014

Road District

The Audrain County Road District is made up of five different Road Districts:

  • #1 Road District
  • #13 Road District
  • Vandalia Special Road District
  • Laddonia-Farber Special Road District
  • Saling #2 Special Road District

Although Audrain County #1 Road District is responsible for most of the roads, the other districts are responsible for the maintenance of their assigned roads. For a fee Audrain County will install driveway pipes and field entrance pipes for county residents.

If you are unsure of which district your road is in or if you have any questions about a road, you may contact our offices at (573) 473-5895 between 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM or call the Road Shed at (573) 473-1401 between 7 AM – 3:30 PM.